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Welcome to Black Politics in Minnesota home of the Black Republican|Black Democrat Show

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Don Allen, (M.A. Ed) is an educator and marketing/communication/public relations expert with over 20-years experience. Don is also the the founder of the Independent Business News Network and currently publishes the editorial news website Our Black News.

Jamar Nelson, is a community organizer, visionary and consultant that has guided many community members to great success. Jamar is the publisher of a local blog, Black Politics in Minneapolis, which is a local take on Twin Cities politics. 


January 14, 2017 (Listen Here) MP3


Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130 / FM 103.5 iHeart Radio

The Black Republican|Black Democrat Show airs weekly on Saturday's at 6pm CST on Twin Cities News Talk Radio. Download the iHeart App to listen LIVE or go to Twin Cities News Talk Radio.


Don Allen and Jamar Nelson

As frequent guests on the morning program on Twin Cities News Talk, both Allen and Nelson are well-known personalities and look forward to their new show. 


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